Understanding Smart Face Masks

With the outbreak of deadly diseases, like COVID-19, which can be spread through contact with fluids from an infected person, including droplets, wearing masks has become such a crucial thing.This is to contain the spread of the virus that causes the disease. It is even mandatory to wear face masks in some countries, and those who are caught violating the directive risk paying hefty fines or going behind bars. Also, physicians especially surgeons, need to put on masks to avoid contaminating open wounds when doing procedures.


However, face masks are not so comfortable to wear for long duration and may also not be practical due to the need to speak uninterrupted. Luckily, some mask manufacturers have come up with smart masks that have earbuds and microphones. The MaskFone smart mask is an excellent example of such a mask and comes with an in-built microphone and earbuds. As such, these masks protect you from diseases causing microorganisms and allow you to have pleasure listening to music and talking easily with others.


Advantages of Smart Masks

Some of the benefits of smart face masks include the following:

Offer the Needed Protection

mask offer protectionThe masks’ primary purpose is to protect the users from various diseases causing microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and others. Smart covers perform that function excellently because they come with a breathable and washable fabric that is long-lasting. Users may also buy some of the high-quality replaceable filters like N95 to ensure they are protected when they wear smart face masks.

Allow Execution of Duties Easily

Given that the smart mask comes with a built-in mic, the user can converse with others properly without pulling down the cover. This is because the microphone gives clear-crystal audios for the people with whom you are talking with. This ensures there are no infection risks when you pull down the mask below your mouth to be properly audible. Moreover, when you need to use your phone, the mask’s control buttons saves you the trouble of having to remove your phone from your pocket.

Provides Entertainment

Since the smart face masks feature earbuds, you can listen to music as you work. This ensures you do not walk around with cables dangling from your ears while still wearing a mask. So, besides protection, they make access to entertainment easier and give the user a smarter look by limiting the ears’ accessories.


Besides the above benefits, some of the smart face masks are compatible with apps for various uses. The covers also make breathing easier compared to ordinary masks. They also have sensors to alert on replacing the fabric filter.…

Navy Seal Timepieces (Watches)

Many avid watch wearers look for commonly known brands such as G-shock or Timex for their next watch. Many are unaware of the style as well as usability of the U.S. navy seal timepieces. These watches are specifically created for the US Navy, which makes them extremely reliable. These watches are stylish, durable, and unique. All of these features makes it so that the watch isn’t very cheap; however since there are so many features within this watch, the cost of it is still worth it to make the purchase.Navy Seal Watch 02

The navy seal watches contain a self-powered illumination technology that allows the user to view the time with a single glance. This being whether it is day time or night time. For the military as well as law enforcement, it is highly critical that these personnel are able to read the time when they need to. These watches are also created specifically for diving since they were made for the navy seals. The resistance level for these watches typically run around 200m or 660ft. The built-in illumination tubes last for a minimum of 25 years. The watches are carbon reinforced, which makes these watches the toughest around. The seals around these also have a double gasket that would prevent any leakage into the watch.

These watches can vary in price from USD $250 to USD $1000 depending on which model is chosen. With that said, the varying model levels also have different features and styles. The different styles within these watches differ from if the user requires the watch to be low profile or just a common day to day watch. The lower the profile of the watch, the likelihood of it having a larger price tag would be higher. Most of these timepieces are Swiss made, which would Navy Seal Watch 04allow users to have a peace of mind when purchasing these watches.

In conclusion, the name of the U.S. navy seal timepieces (watches) should not scare off potential customers if they aren’t part of the U.S. Navy. These timepieces are open for purchase by anyone in the world. There are numerous uses as well as features packed into a watch. There is a reason that the U.S. Navy uses these watches; they are one of the most reliable watches out there. Being one of the most reliable watches around is just one of the reasons the average consumer should be able to trust in wearing a timepiece such as this as well.…

Buying the Right Watch

Many men around the world pay special attention to how they look, and they like to have the latest in gadgets that are available on the market too. Wearable technology includes so many things and one popular accessory for men is the watch.

The Type

There are so many different watches that one will find on the market watchtoday, and these include battery operated watches, kinetic watches, and watches that need to be wound. However, one type of watch that has become rather popular among men are the watches that Navy seals wear when they are on the job.

Depending on your lifestyle you lead, the watch you wear must change. You can not wear an elegant watch on a safari and visa verse. However, when it comes to the ones used by the seals, we have noticed that many men use it in many situations.

What are the models

There are a few models that have become popular for their durability and unique features. Let us take a look at a few of them.

The Luminox Evo Blackout

One of the most modern watches by far which has a tactical look and feel. These models are a great option for any activity as they are built sturdy and have a great feature where you can easily see them at night. It uses small radioactive gas filled tubes as the markers and therefore, will illuminate 24 hours of the day. They do not need to soak up light like other watches.

Casio G-Force Military Concept

sport watchThis watch is slowly becoming famous with many men who like a life of adventure. This model is suitable for underwater adventures and has become more like with the marine corps. It has a high water resistant capability and will not have the problem of markers falling out of the dial.

There are so many other quality watches on the market, and if you want to get one, you need to do a little bit of research and select one that suits your need. Aways remember, that the price of a watch will not ensure that it is suitable for the purpose, and therefore, you must read a few reviews about any model before you purchase one.


A watch is an essential accessory for anyone as it will help you be on time and plan your day accordingly. Buy a watch that will be able to withstand the conditions you will be in so that you will always know the time.…

Understanding the use of high lumen tactical flashlights

Tactical flashlights are known for brightness, and they have greatly improved recently. In the past, the brightest tactical flashlight that you could get was 200 lumens, but this is now a thing of the past. Right now we have flashlights that are as bright as 500 lumens at defense unit tactical flashlight. This is a good thing because you can use the brightness to your advantage and discover all the dark spaces. However, many people still argue that a very bright flashlight has its downsides. If you are operating in the dark, then you might find yourself attracting enemies to your side if you don’t use your flashlight correctly.

Advantages of a high lumen tactical flashlight

A wide beam

One of the main advantages of high lumen flashlights is the ability to offer a wide beam. The low lumen flashlights might not give you the luxury of viewing the entire space when illuminating. However, with a high lumen flashlight, you can see a wider space because of the wide beam. For traffic police, they can see the entire car and get the details even in dark areas because of the full beam is given by the flashlight.


Bright light

When you think about a high lumen flashlight, the first thing that comes to mind is a bright light. With this type of flashlight, you get a very bright light, and you can use this to your advantage. For instance, if you notice that an enemy is approaching, then you can use the bright light to distract them. With the bright light shining in their eyes, they won’t be able to see you clearly, and this will give you time to strategize.

Disadvantages of a high lumen tactical flashlight

While everyone aims to get the brightest tactical flashlight, it might not be ideal in all areas. There are times that you might need a lower lumen flashlight. A high lumen flashlight offers a bright light, but it might not be used for long distances. It is only capable of offering you light up to a certain distance.

man using flashlight

A high lumen flashlight is also notorious for producing shadows. Shadows are not always a good idea especially when you are trying to stay away from enemies because they draw attention to yourself. When choosing a high lumen flashlight, make sure that you look for one that you can adjust to the minimum settings.…

Tools Computer Repair Technicians Have

Computers are now considered as a lifeline as they make the world virtually run at certain times. You can consider these technicians as “doctors” who ensure your computers are fit and operational. Computer repairs are considered as high precision jobs. This is because they require a lot of accuracy and responsibility in performance. According to computer repair dublin oh, the following are some of must have computer repair tools that technicians should keep:

Standard Screwdrivers
You need premium-quality screwdrivers of different sizes and lengths. These are vital tools needed for computer repair. You also Computer repairs illustrationneed screwdrivers that have various flat-head sizes. You should avoid using magnetic screwdrivers to carry out repair works.

This is a very common tool used in testing power supplies that include voltage, resistance, continuity, and many more. Moreover, voltmeters are used to measure voltages only.

ATX power supplies tester
The tool is widely used in computer repair works. This tool specifies the amount of power supply or outputting power. Moreover, it provides functional terminals, which allow easy testing of voltage using voltmeter or multi-tester.

Cable Testers
These are used with computers. They are designed to be easily manageable and save time. There are many methods such as substituting cables. Technicians need to be very good in understanding the different cables. Every computer repair technician must have cable testers.

POST card
This is an important tool needed for PC repair. Post cards when they are plugged into the expansion slots show problem code on the small display. This is used to identify what the problem is. These tools are trusted to ensure specific diagnosis and accuracy. However, they are very excellent time savers.

Diagnostic Software
Computer repairs 12This is a very important computer repair tool. The software is needed in carrying out computer diagnostics. It does the work in minimal time. The software is available as a disk drive installation application utility. It can also be downloaded or even provided by the different manufacturers at zero cost.

Data Transfer Cables
Computer repair technicians are usually faced with problems of corrupted operating systems. You should note that the right solution is to transfer data. There are times you will need to format hard drives and re-install the software. This is made possible with the data transfer cables that are available in various forms such as parallel, USB, and serial. The other tool you must have is data recovery software, which helps you recover lost data from the damaged hard drives.…

Repair Services Offered At Computer Repair Centers

Computers play a big role in the lives of many people. Whether you are a student, a work-at-home home, or an office person, your dependence on computers is evident. Computers have made tough tasks such as word processing, typing, and access to information easy. Through the computer, it is possible to connect to the rest of the world and obtain the data, news, and any information you need. However, these wonderful inventions fall victim to faults. Fortunately, with services of computer experts, your computer issues can be rectified.

Computer repair experts remove any glitch or malfunction that might have bowed you down. This can save you a lot of data and time. Professionals address various services such as adware, orComputer partspyware usually known as viruses. They can help you to backup your data that may be lost, and fixing browser and email related issues. Sometimes, physical components of your computer should be replaced. The aspect is equally covered, although it can mean extra charges.

Local computer repair centers are an advantage to computer owners. This is because you can walk in with your computer and get it repaired. Moreover, in some cases, the technicians can visit your business or home and carry out the repairs. If you live in a large city, it can be a tough task to find a reliable service considering there may be several computer service centers out there. You should keep some simple rules to ensure you hire only experienced, trained, and Computer repairreliable technicians to do the job for you.

First, you will start searching for laptop repair experts that are within your locality. Then you will start to contact the different service providers you come across. Ask them whether they can solve your particular problem. The majority of providers out there specialize in certain services. Some deal with software issues while others work exclusively with hardware related problems.

You should confirm where the computer service provider requires you to take your computer to their workshop or can send Computer repair experts technicians to your place. If the service provider is arranging for pick up of your computer to the center, it can be an extra cost to be incurred by you.

Lastly, check the reputation of computer repair provider before contracting them. You can do this by asking some past customers about the service quality. You should ask the company how long they have been in computer repair business.…

Tritium Watches Guide

Every person loves technology. You can express your gratitude for technology with tritium watches. In fact, these watches have been crazy or craving for many people that love timepieces. They are all mystical and luminous watches. Before purchasing tritium watches, you need to understand some things such as who are the producers, experience with these watches, and many more.

Understanding Tritium
Tritium is one of the radioactive gases. Nowadays, there two main labels, which are used on these timepieces; T100 and T25. The T25 tritium watches 1is said to be less bright than T100. These aspects are not considered to be harmful as they do not cause any health risk or radiation. This explains why there is heavy regulation in regions where it is produced. You should check country of origin, the source, and production facility.

There are mainly two manufacturers currently in the market that manufacture tritium watches for commercial purposes. Counting on rumors, the producers can be three. Mb-Microtec Ag is the largest producer. The company is based in Switzerland. It is known to produce best tritium tubes available on the market than any other company. The majority of watch manufacturers use these tubes from the company proudly. The other company that produces tritium for watch manufacturer is SRB Technologies based in Canada. The other company is found in China.

Authorized Stores
Choose a right store to purchase your watch or merchandise as this can make a big difference. In fact, some stores are a blessing. On the other hand, others can be a painful experience. Always remember that all customer experiences are never equal. Look out for ratings tritium watches 2or feedback. However, 100% good ratings do not imply that the product or service is the best. Research at forums about the particular seller. Communication is very important. Always try to communicate with sellers and see how accurately and fast they respond.

Tritium is both man-made and naturally occurring. It is a very useful gas for watch displays and dials. In fact, it can be read at night. The decay of this gas is not harmful to the human being as it emits a very weak particle, which can even be stopped by a piece of paper. Light emitted by this gas is never emitted during the day. However, at night its glow is very visible. This explains why tritium watches are quite popular for night visibility applications. Military, pilots, and police use this visibility.…

Deciding on Which Mobile Phone to Buy

When you want to buy a mobile phone, you will find many options available on the internet. However, how do you select a mobile phone?

From the multitude of choices available, the phone that will suit an individual has to be based on the needs and usesphone the person will make of the phone. There are many brands of phones available, and the most popular are the iPhones and the Galaxy phones. There are so many other brands that are much cheaper and would suit the needs of some people. For those who want only to make and receive calls or send text messages, a regular phone would suffice. However, for those who handle business issues on the go and need to be always connected, a smartphone is the best option. There are quite a few smartphones on the market today and as mentioned the two companies that hold the largest market share is Apple and Samsung.

Apple and the iPhones

The iPhone is one of the most popular devices around these days. Made by Apple Inc. in the US, it is packed with features and is stylish too. The latest which is the iPhone 6 and its variants are quickly being picked up by those who want to get the latest smartphone in their hand.

Samsung and the Galaxy range

iphoneThe Galaxy smartphone range is always neck-to-neck and in competition with the Apple iPhone. This is because these two companies, manufacture very high-end smartphones and Samsung has two variants that are their “Note” range and the “S” range. The latest being the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6

Bothe the iPhone6 and the Galaxy phones sport great processor speed and Ram along with excellent storage and battery life. They both have extremely clear displays and care rather stylish. The only difference would be the software being used. The Samsung phones use the Google Android software whereas the Apple iPhones use the iOS.

People often argue that one is better than the other, but that is a matter of opinion as both these phones can do a multitude of things. You can receive and send emails; they have instant text messaging. They also have Video call capabilities apart from the regular calls and SMS.

So no matter what phone you choose, you will no doubt be able to satisfy all your needs, and you will be pleased with it.…

Guide to Choosing iPhone And iPad Chargers

Getting the right iPad and iPhone Chargers can enhance the durability of your gadgets and extends their battery life. The process of charging devices appears a straightforward process. However, it can be slow.

A lot of people complain about their iPads and iPhones charging slowly. The charging speed whether on mains or in apple Charger cars depends on how you are charging the device. Some tricks will help, but using the right charger is recommended. Also, it should charge safely and quickly, making the process an efficient one.

Pick the right charger

This is the first tip. In fact, technical specs of the charger have a great effect on the charging speed. You should note that all iPhone chargers are not made equal and the same with iPad chargers. There are some that charge slowly while others charge very fast. Wattage will also have an effect on time as it defines energy transfer speed. Higher wattage is recommended for quick charging. These are some chargers to choose:

2.4 Amp 12 Watt Ultra Fast

This charger can be used both on the car and on mains. It can charge conveniently your iPhone or iPad and can charge and power your device continuously. It has a cable length of 1.2m, and it is MFI approved. This charger is available in various colors such as white and graphite.

AC Travel Charger

Charger This innovative charger is designed for the mains. Does convert AC/DC to the USB port 2.1 Amp. It is compatible with all iPhones up from the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad Air, and other iPads from 4th generation.

Car Charger With Lightning Connector

This is a great charger designed to charge iPhone 5, iPad mini, and many more. It comes with a metre lead for fast charging and flexibility. Note that the charger is designed for iPhone and iPod. The developer has certified it to conform to Apple standards for performance. However, Apple cannot be liable for any issues arising from compliance with regulation or safety.

Force 1 Amp MFI

This charger is designed for office and home use. It is efficient and ultra compact and, therefore, exceeds MEPS regulations. It is meant only for Apple products.

iPad and iPhone remain to be some of the phenomenal gadgets in history. This is because of the ability to connect people across the world in real time. Such products need a lot of care from charging to casing. For purposes of durability and improving the battery life of these gadgets, you need genuine iPad and iPhone Chargers…

The Best Gadget Of 2015

The cell phone industry has been taking its toll in the past six years, with pretty much every phone now sold are “smart” with manifold computer-phone possibilities.

For the most part, people opt in Android by default unless you need an iPhone. Generally, we identify two main types of Android devices, viz. the flagship smartphones that tear it up with iPhone and Windows phone, and the other type being: under-priced phones, something that fits your budget.

gadget In United Kingdom, Android is catching up with iPhone in terms of contract purchases. Meaning, Android devices will shortly be sold on contract without any initial investment.
How To Choose The Best Android Smartphone For You?

First off, there is quite a variety of Android operating systems in the market, so be informed that not every Android phone is the same. It really depends upon the manufacturer who modifies the Google OS to their own styling and features. If you love the design of an Android phone, but not the interface, well then you can easily customize it. Thanks to Android’s flexibility. Not only do these phones allow you to select widgets to your liking, but there are many launchers in store for you. phones

Unlike Blackberry sets and Windows Phones, the Android universe has amazing applications. Unlike Apple’s iOS, you can make a choice of movie and music stores.

Now the best Android phone might be subjective, and not everyone can agree on. But based on price, features, looks; we feel Sony Xperia Z3 Compact grabs the spot for us.

Flagship smartphones always spawn in a cheap mini version and Xperia Z3 Compact offers exactly that. Looking back, Z1 Compact is definitely one of the finest examples of a mini Android smartphone, as it offers top tier specifications at a really affordable price. For some reason, Sony did not launch Z2, and right away caught up to Z3 Compact.phones Z3 Compact is a lot slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. Definitely not in large doses, but they are heading in the right direction and that is precisely slim and lightweight for a mid size Android smartphone. Just like every other smart phone, this device is available in two colors: white and black. But this year’s model comes in green and intensified orange as well, which is absolutely a great thing. Now this is what we think is the best Android phone of the year. What do you think? What is the best gadget of 2015 in your opinion?…