smart2Which is the best smart phone or even the best smartphone company is an overwhelming question to answer.

Things can get quite confusing because each company claims to produce a phone that is greater than everyone else’s is.

Smartphone comparison

If you are thinking along the lines of conducting a comparison, the key is to figure out the features and services you want most in your phone. Doing so will help you get one with some or all of them. There is a chance you are eyeing the newest phones in the market or the ones that are upcoming but yet for release. You will find benefits and drawbacks in both cases.

One of the advantages of the upcoming phones is that they are the coolest right on the brink of release, and everyone wants to sport one. Now, onto a drawback, being the most expensive smartphone will not necessarily mean the best camera phone or the smallest, which might be what appeals to you in a phone. For instance, you might have noticed that the release of the IPhone a few years ago compared to the IPhone now, there have been some significant improvements making the user experience so much better than it was.


Being among the first in line to get a new phone, might not be the best decision, some will come with some unfortunate drawbacks and you will regret it. It is better to wait for a few customer reviews instead. An overlooked fact is that most people see these phones as they make them to perfection until one freeze up on them, and before they consider removing the battery for start-up, it is a real hassle.

The rules

Something you should think about, the upcoming smartphones will not always be the best to have, and the newest will not always be the coolest. You might want to have a QWERTY smartphone but then again, they are unsuitable camera phones while you might desire to have the smallest phone but it mightsmart phone not come with your preferred brand. You can choose to pick one from a brochure at the sales shop but the pictures can well breathe life into the text, and a proper comparison will go beyond looking at pictures. There might even be a good, smartphone coming with a contract, and you might not want to commit yourself with one.

So, it might get hard to decide which is the best smart phone but you can go with the one that takes care of your needs best.