Understanding Smart Face Masks

With the outbreak of deadly diseases, like COVID-19, which can be spread through contact with fluids from an infected person, including droplets, wearing masks has become such a crucial thing.This is to contain the spread of the virus that causes the disease. It is even mandatory to wear face masks in some countries, and those who are caught violating the directive risk paying hefty fines or going behind bars. Also, physicians especially surgeons, need to put on masks to avoid contaminating open wounds when doing procedures.


However, face masks are not so comfortable to wear for long duration and may also not be practical due to the need to speak uninterrupted. Luckily, some mask manufacturers have come up with smart masks that have earbuds and microphones. The MaskFone smart mask is an excellent example of such a mask and comes with an in-built microphone and earbuds. As such, these masks protect you from diseases causing microorganisms and allow you to have pleasure listening to music and talking easily with others.


Advantages of Smart Masks

Some of the benefits of smart face masks include the following:

Offer the Needed Protection

mask offer protectionThe masks’ primary purpose is to protect the users from various diseases causing microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and others. Smart covers perform that function excellently because they come with a breathable and washable fabric that is long-lasting. Users may also buy some of the high-quality replaceable filters like N95 to ensure they are protected when they wear smart face masks.

Allow Execution of Duties Easily

Given that the smart mask comes with a built-in mic, the user can converse with others properly without pulling down the cover. This is because the microphone gives clear-crystal audios for the people with whom you are talking with. This ensures there are no infection risks when you pull down the mask below your mouth to be properly audible. Moreover, when you need to use your phone, the mask’s control buttons saves you the trouble of having to remove your phone from your pocket.

Provides Entertainment

Since the smart face masks feature earbuds, you can listen to music as you work. This ensures you do not walk around with cables dangling from your ears while still wearing a mask. So, besides protection, they make access to entertainment easier and give the user a smarter look by limiting the ears’ accessories.


Besides the above benefits, some of the smart face masks are compatible with apps for various uses. The covers also make breathing easier compared to ordinary masks. They also have sensors to alert on replacing the fabric filter.


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