The Best Gadget Of 2015

The cell phone industry has been taking its toll in the past six years, with pretty much every phone now sold are “smart” with manifold computer-phone possibilities.

For the most part, people opt in Android by default unless you need an iPhone. Generally, we identify two main types of Android devices, viz. the flagship smartphones that tear it up with iPhone and Windows phone, and the other type being: under-priced phones, something that fits your budget.

gadget In United Kingdom, Android is catching up with iPhone in terms of contract purchases. Meaning, Android devices will shortly be sold on contract without any initial investment.
How To Choose The Best Android Smartphone For You?

First off, there is quite a variety of Android operating systems in the market, so be informed that not every Android phone is the same. It really depends upon the manufacturer who modifies the Google OS to their own styling and features. If you love the design of an Android phone, but not the interface, well then you can easily customize it. Thanks to Android’s flexibility. Not only do these phones allow you to select widgets to your liking, but there are many launchers in store for you. phones

Unlike Blackberry sets and Windows Phones, the Android universe has amazing applications. Unlike Apple’s iOS, you can make a choice of movie and music stores.

Now the best Android phone might be subjective, and not everyone can agree on. But based on price, features, looks; we feel Sony Xperia Z3 Compact grabs the spot for us.

Flagship smartphones always spawn in a cheap mini version and Xperia Z3 Compact offers exactly that. Looking back, Z1 Compact is definitely one of the finest examples of a mini Android smartphone, as it offers top tier specifications at a really affordable price. For some reason, Sony did not launch Z2, and right away caught up to Z3 Compact.phones Z3 Compact is a lot slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. Definitely not in large doses, but they are heading in the right direction and that is precisely slim and lightweight for a mid size Android smartphone. Just like every other smart phone, this device is available in two colors: white and black. But this year’s model comes in green and intensified orange as well, which is absolutely a great thing. Now this is what we think is the best Android phone of the year. What do you think? What is the best gadget of 2015 in your opinion?