Dealing with Different Types of Liverpool IT Recruitment Firms

As the name suggests, a Liverpool IT recruitment company helps a person find a suitable job. It’s important to understand that recruitment companies not only benefit employees, but also organizations that hire them. Usually, an inexperienced candidate may overlook certain positions in an industry he might be suitable for. In the same way, employers tend to overlook inexperienced candidates even when they are suitable for the job.Recruitment illustration

IT recruitment companies make sure employers can find high-performance and skilled employees. Similarly, they make sure a candidate finds a suitable job according to his qualifications, skill set and interests. There are different types of recruitment companies. A better understanding of these companies helps you deal with them in a much better way. Here are four popular types of IT recruitment companies.

Contingency-based – In simple terms, a contingency-based recruitment company is called an employment agency. These companies work with clients to find appropriate candidates matching the client’s’ requirements. A client’s requirements are matched with the candidate’s’ skills and qualifications. Suitable candidates are sent for interviews, followed by a background and reference check. Some contingency-based companies charge a commission while others ask for a percentage of the candidate’s first salary.

Retained Search – These recruitment companies often handle senior level positions in a particular industry. These agencies are also called executive search agencies. It’s important to understand that retained search agencies charge a non-refundable fee from the client. Moreover, a part of the fee needs to be paid in advance. Thus, you need to discuss payment details with the consultancy before signing any contract.

Recruitment interviewTemporary – This one is also known as a temp agency. As the name suggests, a temporary IT recruitment agency finds suitable employees on a temporary basis. At times, employees tend to leave a job for a short term. For instance, women are granted maternity leave or someone is granted a month-long sick leave.

In such a situation, temporary agencies offer employees to fill in those gaps. Most of the time, these employees are paid on hourly basis. It can be said that temporary recruitment agencies act as a bridge between temporary jobs and permanent employment.

Niche Agency – In the last few years, niche recruitment agencies have become quite popular. These recruitment agencies offer skilled candidates who are highly specialized in a specific discipline. Most companies in technology sector hire niche agencies for recruiting employees. A niche recruitment company matches the criteria and makes sure a candidate is highly skilled. These agencies charge much higher than other types of recruitment companies.

Irrespective of the kind of industry you are interested in, you should be clear about these Liverpool IT recruitment companies and their basic functions. This will make sure you choose the right recruitment company for yourself.