Getting the right iPad and iPhone Chargers can enhance the durability of your gadgets and extends their battery life. The process of charging devices appears a straightforward process. However, it can be slow.

    A lot of people complain about their iPads and iPhones charging slowly. The charging speed whether on mains or in Charger 01cars depends on how you are charging the device. Some tricks will help, but using the right charger is recommended. Also, it should charge safely and quickly, making the process an efficient one.

    Pick the right charger

    This is the first tip. In fact, technical specs of the charger have a great effect on the charging speed. You should note that all iPhone chargers are not made equal and the same with iPad chargers. There are some that charge slowly while others charge very fast. Wattage will also have an effect on time as it defines energy transfer speed. Higher wattage is recommended for quick charging. These are some chargers to choose:

    2.4 Amp 12 Watt Ultra Fast

    This charger can be used both on the car and on mains. It can charge conveniently your iPhone or iPad and can charge and power your device continuously. It has a cable length of 1.2m, and it is MFI approved. This charger is available in various colors such as white and graphite.

    AC Travel Charger

    Charger 02This innovative charger is designed for the mains. Does convert AC/DC to the USB port 2.1 Amp. It is compatible with all iPhones up from the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad Air, and other iPads from 4th generation.

    Car Charger With Lightning Connector

    This is a great charger designed to charge iPhone 5, iPad mini, and many more. It comes with a metre lead for fast charging and flexibility. Note that the charger is designed for iPhone and iPod. The developer has certified it to conform to Apple standards for performance. However, Apple cannot be liable for any issues arising from compliance with regulation or safety.

    Force 1 Amp MFI

    This charger is designed for office and home use. It is efficient and ultra compact and, therefore, exceeds MEPS regulations. It is meant only for Apple products.

    iPad and iPhone remain to be some of the phenomenal gadgets in history. This is because of the ability to connect people across the world in real time. Such products need a lot of care from charging to casing. For purposes of durability and improving the battery life of these gadgets, you need genuine iPad and iPhone Chargers

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