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    Faxing from your Gmail account is one the best things that can happen to anyone who sends or receives faxed documents. Faxing via Gmail has added an aspect of convenience to this process. For instance, you do not have to be at the documents to send or receive important documents. You have every reason to try it. Before them, this article takes you through the whole process of sending/receiving faxes via your Gmail account.

    Find a faxing providerfaxing

    The first thing to do before you start faxing through your Gmail account is to find a service provider. In your search, you also need to evaluate some options to ensure you pick the best service provider. Ideally, you should be looking at things like security or the costs. Once you settle on a specific service provider, the next thing should be signup up with them and add Gmail to the list of email you would want to have them deliver your faxes.

    Sending a fax

    Sending a fax is more or less like sending an email. When sending some documents via Gmail, you only need create an email document and attach the document. However, when sending a fax, certain things should be done differently. Instead of adding the recipient’s email address, you only need to key in the fax number followed by the provider you are using. You do not have to worry about the format since this information is provided as soon as you sign up. Ideally, you need to worry about this process considering that it is a simple process.

    Benefits of using Gmail faxing

    Gmail There are many benefits of sending faxes via Gmail accounts. The first one is that you are given a new fax number to use. Most providers do not charge for this number. Another good reason to use online faxing services is that the whole process is simplified. You also get to trim your costs as online faxing services tend to be quite cheap.

    Gone are the days when receiving faxes required you to keep your fax plugged to power all day. Nowadays, you only need to have your smartphone and you are assured of instant notifications when the fax arrives. On the other hand, it is also easier to send or forward an important document when you are not at work.…

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    More often than not, individuals question which laptop is best suited for their needs. However, there is no specific answer because there are many brands like Asus in the market that come with different features and prices. It is all up to you to decide on which one suits your needs best. This article shows some of the features that should be given considering before splurging on the device.

    The Guide To Buying A Laptop


    woman workingIf you plan on carrying your laptop everywhere you go, you should consider the portability of the device before making a purchase. You should get one that has a small screen in addition to being light. The Ultra book laptops will suit you best because they are designed to be slim and light. Their screens are about 12-13 inches in size, and they are about 1.5 kilograms. If you are using it in the office or at home, the size should not be a big issue. You can purchase the larger ones because you will not have the burden of carrying them around.

    Screen Quality

    It is important to get a laptop that has a comfortable screen to look at because the chances are that you will be using it for long hours. These days, many laptops have touch screens, therefore, they are glossy. The bad thing about glossy screens is that they lead to reflections making them uncomfortable to look at. Thus, it is advisable to get laptops that do not have touchscreens.

    Consider The RAM

    You should get a computer that has a RAM of 4GB or more to get the most out of your machine. This is because more RAM allows for many applications to run at the same time. In addition to that, more data will be processed quickly, and that is useful when performing tasks like editing of photos.

    Keyboard Qualitylaptop

    If you have long typing sessions, you need a comfortable keyboard. Getting a laptop that has a bad keyboard may translate to a poor user experience. A good keyboard has a good layout with well-spaced keys. The keys should also have a snappy responsiveness when released.

    Battery Life

    The quoted battery life is not an indication of how the battery can perform. It is how certain variables can affect its life. They include the screen brightness and the tasks being performed. Therefore look at the battery life in Watt hours. The longer they are, the longer your battery life will be sustained.…

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    Choosing the right fabric banner will be one that will help when you are advertising your business to the outside world, so you have to be careful you don’t make the wrong decision. There are so many ways that you can advertise your business but nothing compared to if you take advantage of the trade shows, gathering, and outdoor fairs. But this will be possible if only you can use the right fabric banner and this will be possible if you have the right best tips that will guide you through the process. Here is a list of the best tips that will guide you out when you are choosing the right fabric banner.

    That’s versatile


    The best banner will be one that you can use when you have and indoor and an outdoor thing. So get a banner that will be able to stand on its own even when the weather is so windy, and it won’t stress you out. Also, when buying the fabric banner make sure that it has the scrim vinyl this is helpful in ensuring that the banner will not fade of the color and it will be able to serve all the purpose that you intended. When buying the banner, you are buying something that will be able to withstand any condition no matter what it may be.

    Consider the size

    Make sure when you are choosing the best fabric banner you have to make sure that you have the right size. You don’t want to select something that’s going to be small or so big. You have to know that banner come in 9 inches to 60 and the height will vary. What will help in making the decision is the size of the booth that you have it should be one-third the size of the booth. Choose a banner that will not scare away the customers because of the exaggerated size.

    Promote the best


    When you are making the banner or choosing the primary purpose is selecting something that will promote exactly what you are offering. The message that is on the banner should be all about what you are offering in a way that it will advertise the business so well. Choose banner that will fit all the purposes that you have like for example if the company that you have changes with time, then you need to have a rectangular banner that you can rotate to whatever you want at the moment just focus on something that will promote the business in any way possible. Visit for more information on choosing the best fabric banners.



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    Cell phone repair parts are available locally, and they are affordable too. Cell phone repair can be done by an individual who is not an expert in this field, but some repairs require that professionals’ touch. The Cell Phone Repair Parts helps you fix any part of your phone that is not working properly. This is because it does not require professionalism to repair a battery.

    What you need to know

    Cell phone repair

    The main problem associated with repairing your phone without the expert’s advice is that you can end up replacing phone repair your original battery with a counterfeit one. Therefore, it is widely advisable, that in the case of any phone repair you should consult with a professional. This is safer and more efficient.

    The good news is that almost all kind of phones in the market currently can be fixed, and their repair parts are locally available too. Therefore, trash all those pity thoughts that your phone’s repair parts are not available.
    Available Cell Phone Repairs Parts

    Locally some available cell phone repair parts include:

    • Screens
    • Casings
    • Battery
    • Buttons

    These are the repair parts of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia’s, Blackberry, HTC, LG, etc. With the experts, your software can be replaced or upgraded. This means that with your cracked screen, broken input or broken casing it can be repaired without much hassle.

    How Long Does Cell Phone Repair Takes

    This is a question bound to be raised by any cell phone owner. The thought of staying a lifetime without a phone is petrifying (to me too, I must admit). Generally to many phone experts, they will require you to give a date when you will want to pick your phone, if not you can negotiate on a date when to pick the phone. Despite this, some phone repair experts may lack the part that needs to be repaired; this may take long. This is because they have to look for the part, but you can always agree on a date on when the phone will be ready.

    How Much Does Phone Repair Cost?

    man repairing phoneIf the problem comes by because of the manufacture’s fault, the repair is free. This is if the problem appears within the manufacturer’s warranty period. You will only be required to go with your proof of purchase, and you are bound to enjoy a free service.

    If the repair does not come by during the warranty period, the repair will come at a cost. The cost depends on where you have taken the phone for repair, but it is relatively cheap.

    Cell phone repair parts are locally available and affordable too. Hence you should not suffer, when the solution is within your ambit and locality.…

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