Many men around the world pay special attention to how they look, and they like to have the latest in gadgets that are available on the market too. Wearable technology includes so many things and one popular accessory for men is the watch.

    The Type

    There are so many different watches that one will find on the market aa01today, and these include battery operated watches, kinetic watches, and watches that need to be wound. However, one type of watch that has become rather popular among men are the watches that Navy seals wear when they are on the job.

    Depending on your lifestyle you lead, the watch you wear must change. You can not wear an elegant watch on a safari and visa verse. However, when it comes to the ones used by the seals, we have noticed that many men use it in many situations.

    What are the models

    There are a few models that have become popular for their durability and unique features. Let us take a look at a few of them.

    The Luminox Evo Blackout

    One of the most modern watches by far which has a tactical look and feel. These models are a great option for any activity as they are built sturdy and have a great feature where you can easily see them at night. It uses small radioactive gas filled tubes as the markers and therefore, will illuminate 24 hours of the day. They do not need to soak up light like other watches.

    Casio G-Force Military Concept

    vlsdkv;lskdjThis watch is slowly becoming famous with many men who like a life of adventure. This model is suitable for underwater adventures and has become more like with the marine corps. It has a high water resistant capability and will not have the problem of markers falling out of the dial.

    There are so many other quality watches on the market, and if you want to get one, you need to do a little bit of research and select one that suits your need. Aways remember, that the price of a watch will not ensure that it is suitable for the purpose, and therefore, you must read a few reviews about any model before you purchase one.


    A watch is an essential accessory for anyone as it will help you be on time and plan your day accordingly. Buy a watch that will be able to withstand the conditions you will be in so that you will always know the time.

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